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Bored of reading several hundreds on technology blogs? Cannot find something of your interest? This initiative is an attempt to create a web and IT related blog which would be open to public for all topics within the niche. Do you want to post something? Contact us.

How is SEO affecting the web design industry?

This post happens from a discussion with a Calgary based web designer and SEO specialist. A lot of importance is being given to SEO over the past decade and why not, we know a lot of business comes from search engines that make it really important for businesses to rank high.

According to my discussion with Naman from Pulse Wave Media – A Calgary Web Design Company, there is a huge section of business owners who believe search ranking alone can bring in a lot of business irrespective how the website looks and feels. This is completely incorrect, while a good ranking will drive a large amount of traffic to your website, without an effective design, your conversion rate for this traffic will be extremely low.

Due to a large amount of competition, if your website is not user-friendly and does not provide the latest information or uses a really old design– it is considered useless in the eyes of the website browser resulting in high bounce rates.

SEO along with attractive, user-friendly designs and gripping content is the key to make a conversion. Your landing page alone can send people off to your phones or email for enquiries.

So how is SEO affecting the web design industry? SEO is basically making the web design industry even more competitive. A business owner does not have the time to spend with two different companies for similar services. People are looking for a one-stop shop where they can get the most value for money. This really pushes the web design companies to start ranking their own websites and hire dedicated SEO specialists.

Gone are the days when a web designer could get done by just doing some on-page optimization in the name of SEO. Business owners have started to understand the importance of a dedicated SEO expert who can actually rank their website.


Web Technology and Health Sector

As a chiropractor in  Alberta I am exposed to the most competitive market in Canada. I bought my practice – Pro Health Chiropractic in July of 2011 and wanted to grow the practice, but any chiropractor knows that when you buy any clinic theres is bound to be some shrinkage.

For the first 1.5 years I relied on the old faithful word of mouth referral network. The clinic was stable but was down about 20% from the previous chiropractors who were there and word of mouth can only move so quickly. I decided that I should redo my website to make it look cleaner, explain all the services that we offer more clearly and to create a new image of the clinic online.  By doing this I found that I was attracting new patients instantly. I had one patient go as far as telling me that she chose my clinic because of how nice the website was and how clear the information was to find on it.

The second thing I did was enlist a Search Engine Optimization company and start a more aggressive Google Adwords campaign. Within, 2 months of this occurring my new patient load tripled on a monthly basis and currently is continuing to increase every month. I have moved up from page 10 on google to page 2 already and I have no doubt if I continue doing this I will be on the top of page one within 6 months.

I am also blogging and constantly updating website content to make my more appealing to google. The next step I am doing is to create videos for patients to assess different problems they might have and how they need to be addressed. I encourage any clinic who wants to increase there patient load to focus on online marketing. It is the most effective marketing dollars you will ever spend.

-Dr. Kamal

Web Design and Images

images on website, web design using images.

Our first blog here by Ron would discuss the uses of images and infographics in your website.


Websites today need to be different; they need to be both attractive and informative. You cannot just have a website with lot of content on it because todays generation is about finding solutions quickly. Your visitors are really not interested in reading 500 words just to find out about the services you offer.


Images play a critical role in solving this problem, it can provide both the informative and attractive aspects to your website. With all the information right in front of the visitor, it really increases the chances of converting the visitor into a lead and eventually into a customer.


So how do you show this information? Well here are some tips –


1. Be creative about the image.

2. Think about what would the client want to know.

3. Try to incorporate this information into something attractive that goes well with the image.

4. There you have it, your info graphic is ready.

5. Some of the other things you can do is – create a series of info graphic, provide information through use of trends and other graphics.


Hope you find this helpful. I will try and post some examples of this as soon as I can.